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*New Topic Alert* The Impressionists


In this unit, we will be looking at the Impressionism, an art movement that started in France in the mid 19th Century.  One of the most famous Impressionist artists is Claude Monet.  We will be exploring his work and the style of the Impressionists.


In today's lesson, I would like you to firstly watch the You Tube video about The Impressionists then to read the slides about the Impressionist movement.  Once you have done that, answer the questions in the file underneath.  You can choose to do either 1a or 1b.  Then you can take a photo of your work and upload it to Class Dojo!

What is Impressionism? | Tate Kids

Find out about the artists behind the bright colours and bold brushstrokes of impressionism, from Claude Monet to Berthe Morisot. Watch this short introducti...