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Log on to your child's Purple Mash account using the password on the inside of their reading record. 


1. Show the children Free Code Chimp. This is different to the Chimp lessons because we have the freedom to create our own games and we can pick how we want our games to look.

2. Discuss any computer games that the children have played. On the interactive whiteboard (IWB), show images of some popular age-appropriate computer games.

3. Explain that the children are going to be programmers and that their job is to create their own simple program. We need to think about how our games will look. Refer again to the pictures of popular games. Just like pages in a book, a game needs to have a background. What else do games need? Discuss the use of characters in games and the purpose of some games (e.g. to collect things, save other characters, get onto another level or into another world).

4. Remind the children about Design View and the Code Mode in 2Code that they saw last week. On Free Code the design is blank because we must choose the background and characters.

5. Explain that if we want to add a background we need to go into design view and then press the Background button.

6. Show children how to choose different backgrounds (by double-clicking on the question mark in the properties here . Show how the Get Image and Paint Image buttons work. 

7. Show children how to add a character to their background by dragging it across. Show children how to change the character image by double clicking on the character and using the drop-down menu.

8. Distribute the challenge cards and explain that these are ideas for a program. They should use the printed images to design their program by annotating them with what each character will do e.g. ‘when clicked, move up’. You might want to display the code block cards for pupils to refer to.

9. Once children have a design for their program and feel confident that they can code what they have designed, they should go to their devices and open up Free Code Chimp and try to recreate their design.

10. Children can save their screen by pressing the Save button (the blue floppy disk) at the top of the screen and saving into My Work. If they have not used Purple Mash to save before then they will need time to practise this.