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Log onto your child's Purple Mash account using their password which can be found inside their reading record and follow the activity below.

1. Today we are learning another new piece of vocabulary: debugging. Ask children if they know what debugging or to debug means? Explain that debugging means to fix code. Often, programmers make a mistake when they are coding, or they find that a program doesn’t work, so they have to find and fix the mistakes to make the program work. The problems are called bugs and solving them is called debugging.

2. Before you start to debug a program, you need to think through some steps. Put the following on the board (there is a PDF of this table in the Downloads folder). Children could write/stick the steps into their 2Code workbooks.

3. Children should open Debug Challenges Chimp on their device and complete the challenges. They should save each challenge once they have completed it.

4. Once children have completed the Debug Challenges, bring them back together and open Free Code Chimp on the board. Explain that they will be using the program they created in the last lesson and that they will be ‘breaking’ it for their partner to debug.

5. Children should open one of their previously made programs and make a written record of what their program is supposed to do.

6. They should then break their code by changing a line of code. They should then write down what the problems are with the broken program.

7. They should then write an instruction for their partner, similar to the ones seen in the Debug Challenges, to help them debug their program.

8. Children should save their program in a class folder using their name in the title. Children open their partners’ programs and try to debug the code using the steps they have in their workbooks/on the board.

9. Once the children have finished, they should check that the programs work according to the explanation that the initial children specified in their workbooks. If a program does not work according to the explanation, the code should be fixed until it works.