St Mary's C .E School


Day 3

We had a miserable and wet start to today but we did have a bit of a lie-in!


Breakfast was cereal, scrambled eggs, beans, mushrooms, toast and fruit.


Our first activities were Gladiator wall or abseiling. These were both quite challenging in the rain. 

Our second activities were called off due to the rain becoming heavier and we were already soaked through from activity 1 so we watched 'Home' which was a much-needed chill out! 


Lunch was chicken with pasta bolognaise or carbonara, small new potatoes and salad with dessert or fresh fruit.


The sun came out so activities could resume with kayaking, climbing wall and archery. We had a lot of time for showers before tea.


Tea was cauliflower and fennel soup, fishfingers, sausages, mash, peas and gravy with chocolate or strawberry ice-cream and fruit for dessert.


Now our evening activity is Busted to keep those brain cells ticking over.