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Writing Purpose: To recount. 

Writing Outcome: To write a letter to one of the other characters in the book to inform them of where their lost items is. 


Today we will continue to use our plans to help write the first draft of our letter. 
I will upload a video of how to begin our letter at 8:30 am Monday 8th February. See you all then, and make sure you have your sharpened pencils and lined paper ready. 



At this stage of the writing sequence, it is important that the children evaluate their writing. For all children in Year 1 it is important that they:

- Discuss what has been written.

- Re-read what they have written to check it makes sense.

- Change some errors with support / when possible, independently.


Children can even make simple additions, revisions and corrections to their own writing by evaluating their writing with you. This process of revisiting their written work is essential.


As children may get through this part of the lesson quite quickly, I have attached documents below with some English activities. yessmiley



We have now finished our Hermelin unit. We will start our new unit after half term. Well done to all of you. I have enjoyed reading your letters and stories. I am very proud of the great work you have completed. 

For the next three days, we will focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar as we try to perfect our sentence skills.


Today we will focus on the conjunction 'and'. The worksheets that are attached below are differentiated. Worksheets with one star are easier than worksheets with three stars. Have a go at two star sheets and if they are too challenging or not challenging enough - then move onto an appropriate sheet. smiley



Today we will focus on capital letters and full stops.



Today, with it being Chinese New Year, we will look at the story 'Dragons in the City'. 

I have recorded a video of the story to help children listen and follow along and I have uploaded it onto Class Dojo.

Below, I have attached activity sheets. Children should write some descriptive sentences using great adjectives and punctuation. Remember your finger spaces everyone. Can anyone impress me with a conjunction?