St Mary's C .E School



English will be on ClassDojo and on here.

Secrets of a Sun King will be read on ClassDojo too. I've put a copy of the work on here. This week we will finish the story! There are three lessons for the novel this week and are below.



Do spellings through the week. - Continue with spelling journal on here for you to work through. Do one list a week. Spellings 4  ... (shun) tion etc. words this week.


There is no grammar worksheets this week but you have your Orange Grammar SAT's achieve books to do and the pages are on the timetable as usual. 

Secrets of a Sun King Reading Comprehensions and Whole Book Task for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Spelling Journal Y6 ...Spellings 4 tion, sion, ssion, cian

Darwin- An Exceptional Voyage

We are going to finish writing our masterpiece discovery narrative this week. 


Above are some reminders when redrafting and editing your work.. I will introduce the lesson on video on ClassDojo and will guide you through the task. We are going to do this lesson on Monday this week.