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Immersion in Text: Creating a Forest

If possible take your child to a forested / outdoor area (it can be a park or a garden). Invite your child to concentrate on their senses - what can they hear? what can they see? what can they smell? touch?

Make notes on what the children mention about their environment. Can they use adjectives to describe their setting? 


Then listen to the story and next task on Class Dojo. 

Can children attempt hot seating as Max? Children must pretend to be Max and answer questions from Max's perspective.



Immersion in Text: Invitation

Examine in detail with your child the invitation to the wild rumpus (below). Who is it addressed to? Where is the wild rumpus to be held? What do the children think a wild rumpus could be? Invite ideas and suggestions. How could we reply to the invitation? What information is included in the invitation and what information do we need to include when replying? What does RSVP mean? Do the children want to ask for more information? 

A modelled write will be available on Class Dojo (23.02.2021). 
Children Write: Sentence Accuracy: Children to write their own reply to the invitation.

The Wild Rumpus Invitation


Dear Year 1, 


Please come to the Wild Rumpus!


When: Tomorrow!

Where: The place where the wild things are.

Dress: Party clothes!


There will be food, music and wild times!

Please come.


Love from, the Wild Things.




Grammar and Vocabulary in Context:


Use the illustration in the book accompanying the words "and grew until his ceiling hung with vines and the walls became the world all around.". Ask you child to name all the things they can see (nouns) for example, boy, trees, grass, moon. Encourage them to name at least ten. Then your child to think of words that describe some of these naming words.


For example, for the word moon: 


. silver moon 

. shining moon

. dreamy moon

. magical moon

. fluorescent moon


Below is a copy of the illustration children can look at to find suitable nouns. laugh



Illustration (find the nouns)



Below are documents relating to today's lesson. The lesson input video will be added to Class Dojo Thursday 25th February.



Today we are going to try our hand at writing a list poem. Using the nouns we found in the illustration and the verbs with the suffix 'ing', we will write a list of fantastic noun and verb pairs to make a great poem. 

Check your Class Dojo for the video explaining what to do!