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Correct the sentences.

Our narrative purpose for the next couple of weeks is to write a detective narrative of our very own with a different creature who finds different objects. 


We are now going to read a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like). This isn't designed to be learnt by heart or replicated. This is for finding out how writing works. This will help you when writing your own story.

Below is our WAGOLL.

Today, we are going to try writing sentences with the conjunction 'and' to join clauses. Try and connect these clauses, read the sentences carefully once you have used the conjunction 'and' to see if they make sense.

Plural s or plural es?

Consider the sentences below. Discuss the term plural, meaning more than one.
Sometimes we add -s to make more than one, but sometimes (when we add an extra syllable) we need to add -es. Which of the words below need an -s and which needs an -es?

Children Write: Sentence Accuracy

Challenge children to write a range of questions starting with who, what, where, when and why. Model correct punctuation use to frame questions. This is helpful practise for the writing that follows because children can include questions in their detective narrative.

Example Incidental Write: Using an illustration from the book to write about

Where has the cheese gone? Who saw it last? What can we do? When did it disappear? Why has it been taken? Where will their next detective adventure take them?



Friday - Using the example text, think how the author has created an effective piece of writing. Can you find examples in the WAGOLL?