St Mary's C .E School



Writing Outcome: To write a detective narrative of their own using a different

creature who finds different objects.


Demonstrate Planning :

On an enlarged A3 copy of a story plan. Demonstrate how to complete. This can be used as a skeleton to help the children structure their writing. It will also be used to inform the shared write that follows. Encourage them to write words, phrases and symbols/pictures in each of the planning sections. Refer to Writer’sKnowledge on the Working Wall and choose as appropriate and talk the children through what is happening in each of the sections / circles.

1 Secret detective animal described and helps people that have lost things.

2 Secret detective animal gets invited to a party by the people.
3 People don’t like the detective animal.
4 Detective animal goes home sad and has a friend to be a detective with.



Today, children will explore using noun phrases to better describe their main character. This is a good opportunity for the children to not only write sentences, using the correct punctuation and letter formation, but it will also give children an opportunity to explore adjectives and conjunctions (and, but, because).

Below is an example that children can use to help guide them. I have highlighted adjectives in purple.


Hermelin is a clever little mouse. She is nimble and quick. Hermelin is very good at writing notes to people. She is great at finding lost things too. Most of all she loves to help anyone she can by solving their mysteries.



Today, children are going to start writing their own narrative for their detective creature. Using their story plan, children will write their first paragraph. Below is an example that children can use to follow and take ideas from.


Today, we are going to write part two of our plan. Remember to use great noun phrases, conjunctions and punctuation.



Today we are going to try and finish our story using parts three and four. Children must remember to use our WAGOLL to magpie ideas from.