St Mary's C .E School



Today, children should focus on the vehicle text again. Looking at the pages which show the residents of Offley Street. Children will then try and match the people to the items they have lost.


Today, children are going to correct these proper nouns. To do this, children will need to understand the importance of starting these proper nouns with capital letters. Children can then go on a capital letter hunt around their home, to see if they can spot any other proper nouns. Below is a list of names from the story "Hermelin, the Detective Mouse", which children can correct. 


Look at the word 'teapot' and examine the spelling. The word is made of two separate words - tea and pot. Discuss with your child the meaning of each word separately, then the meaning when they are put together. Below is a copy of words that, when added together make a new compound word.

Children can use these words to write into sentences.
For example,
"Bernardo Bosher was looking for his goldfish, Lucky."


Today, the children are going to focus on conjunctions. Work with these sentences and complete them with the appropriate conjunction. The conjunction 'and' is a Year One focus so once children have completed these sentences, can they think of their own sentence with the conjunction 'and' in?


Hi everyone! Today, we are going to have a look at the correct spelling for words with the 'ou', 'ow' sound. Children can colour in the correct spellings of the words and then choose some correct spellings to put into sentences.