St Mary's C .E School




Today we are going to explore the WAGOLL. Have a read of the WAGOLL and discuss what you like about it.

Now, I would like you to find these six very important words and highlight them in the text.

They are 

  • posh
  • mischievous
  • precious
  • menace
  • treasured
  • belongings


Use a dictionary independently or as a group to establish a definition. 

Now ask the children to do some of the following orally: • Define the word or phrase to a friend
• Use the word or phrase in a sentence
• Think of a word that means the same

• Think of a word that means the opposite.


Grammar in Context/Sentence Accuracy: Alliteration Game

Display the words ‘mischievous’ and ‘menace’ from the Example Text and
revisit the meaning of both words. Ask them if they notice
anything similar about the two words – they both begin with the same
sound. This is called alliteration. Invite the children to introduce
themselves by their name and an alliterative adjective to the class, e.g.
“Good morning, I am excellent Emma... Good morning, I am clever Katie.” Explain that alliteration is something that the children can use in their own writing on important items/objects to make it more interesting for the reader.

This when then be a fantastic opportunity for children to use alliteration in sentences along with some of the year group expectations such as conjunctions. From example;

"Excellent Emily found Hermelin in his cheese box."
"Bernardo Bosher lost his lovely Lucky."