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Above is the link to our new story. 

Lesson 1 - To begin with I would like the children to stop the Youtube video after 44 seconds and take a look at the picture with the broken house. I would then like them to list as many things (nouns) they can see in the picture. Once they have written these down, I would like them to come up with some describing words to accompany the nouns in order to create lots of different noun phrases. 


Lesson 2


I have also uploaded a short story that has been inspired by the Night Gardener. The children will need to explore and understand the new vocabulary. Once you have discussed them, can the children put them into their own sentences.


Lesson 3 

Re-read the text on the video and examine the way in which the author describes each place and discuss the following questions: 

• What is the author trying to tell us about this place? How? 
• Which words/phrases suggest______? Why?


Lesson 4 

Read The Garden at Night again and take a look at commas used in a list sentence. They are then to construct sentences 
listing what the man is carrying and what is laid out on the sheet. This may be repeated
 for the following sentences, to model write an accurate sentence first. Use the 
illustrations to provoke opportunities for writing commas in a list, for example: 
• On the street you will find… 
• Under tree you will see… 
• On the gardener’s blanket rests…