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This half term we are going to be reading Hermelin by Mini Grey. 
We can use our Dojo accounts to access the story. 

By the end of the half term we are looking for two writing outcomes - a Detective Narrative and Letters.

English Lesson 1 Tuesday - Image

Today, we will not need to listen to the story, instead we will focus on pages 1 and 2. As such, we will not need to listen to the story on Class Dojo, till later on this week. 

Show children the illustration of Offley Street on pages 1 and 2. 

Would you like to live here? Why?

What can you see happening in the illustration?
Does this look like a happy street to live on?
Can you spot anything unusual?

Tell children that a suitcase has been found containing 1. a magnifying glass, 2. envelopes, 3. street maps, 4. pencil, 5. encyclopaedia.

Show them the picture of this suitcase. Ask children to look at the characters on Offley Street and write down who they think would own this suitcase and why. 


I think _________ because _________________________.


Tuesday Image - Inside the suitcase

Wednesday - Using adjectives in sentences.

Watch this space. Video and image from Hermelin: The Mouse Detective will be uploaded, before the start of the school day, on Class Dojo and the school website respectively. If you still don't have access to Class Dojo then the image on the school website can be used to help complete the activity sheet.

Hermelin - Pages 5-6 (Wednesday)

Thursday - Drama (hot-seating) and questions

Good morning everyone! For today's lesson (Thursday) children can be given the opportunity to take part in hot-seating.
(First, listen to the Thursday story video on Class Dojo)

Children must then pretend they are Hermelin and answer questions such as; 
How did you feel when you were invited to the party?
How did you feel when you saved the baby from the Garbage Gobbler?
Are you a good detective?
What makes a good detective?

Help children to understand the importance of questions words (such as What, When, How etc) and the use of a question mark. Once children have answered questions as Hermelin. They can then jot any more questions they would like to ask Hermelin.

Friday - Prefix 'un'

Prefix 'un'. See Class Dojo for Friday's English Lesson Video.

Note the words unclean, unhygienic and unwanted from the story. What do these mean? Discuss. The prefix un- is added to the beginning of a word without any change to the spelling of the root word. Note how the prefix un- changes the meaning of verbs and adjectives e.g. unkind, undoing, untie. This would be a great opportunity to use this vocabulary in a sentence using year group expectations (e.g. conjunctions etc). 

Sometimes we can say the opposite of something be adding the letters 'un' to a word. If I'm not happy, I can say I'm unhappy. The root word stays the same, but the meaning is changed by this prefix. 

Can children use these words given in the attachment and use them with the prefix 'un' in the context of 'Hermelin - The Detective Mouse'. Children could write their own sentences. Here are a few examples. The mouse was unhappy. The made him feel unwelcome. The mouse was unloved.