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Today we are going to begin writing our story (the first paragraph only). Using your child's plan (bubble one) demonstrate writing the first paragraph of the story, introducing the character and the setting. Rehearse sentences orally before writing and cumulatively reread while writing. Involve children in spotting where each sentence begins and ends.

Example of Modelled Write (to discuss with children);

Arthur the Detective Cat

Arthur is a detective cat who likes to solve mysteries. He lives in an attic in Masie's house. One day he noticed that things were going missing in the street where Masie lived. People didn't know what to do!


Remember to include fingers spaces, capital letters and full stops. It is important that children use capital letters for proper nouns.




Today we are going to move on from the first paragraph of our story. We are now going to attempt our second paragraph. So pay attention to what is to go inside this paragraph. 


Our second paragraph must focus on how our main detective character tells the other characters that he/she is able to find their lost belongings (he/she writes a letter to them with his/her notepad). How did the other characters feel about this? 

An example of paragraph 2 can be found below. 

"Arthur set about finding all the lost things. He wrote to all of the owners and told them how to collect their belongings. The people were thrilled they decided to have a party and wrote an invitation to Arthur. Now they could meet Arthur and thank him!"

This paragraph must end with an invitation to a party. Remember our capital letters and full-stops and try to remember to use conjunctions.



Today, we are going to focus on our third paragraph. This paragraph will be all about the party! This is an opportunity to use some of the un prefix words that helped us to describe Hermelin (unwanted, unhygienic, unclean).  

Below is an example paragraph;

The next morning, Arthur was nervous to go to the party. He wondered what people would think of him. When the people realised he was a cat they were nasty to him. They screamed "What a disgusting cat, we hate cats." The people said cats were unclean so Arthur went back to his attic feeling sad and unloved.

Notice that the paragraph begins with a time adverbial. It is important children use a time adverbial to begin this paragraph as it will help with the flow of the story. Maybe, some children could think of an appropriately used question sentence in this paragraph... 

Good luck, I can't wait to see all your stories, so far.



Today, we are going to finish our story with our fourth paragraph. In this paragraph, we will talk about our main character being consoled by a member of the party (in this case, children can make up a name for the character). Children will then have to write about how the new friends will become detectives. Below is an example final paragraph.

Arthur felt so unloved and unwanted. He started to pack all of his things so he could find a new home. Just then, Maisie walked into the room and told Arthur that she wanted help being a detective. What do you think Arthur did? Well, Maisie and Arthur became the most famous detectives ever!


Children could possible use a question in this paragraph that is aimed at the reader and remember those time adverbials!



Draft, Revise, Edit:

At this stage of the writing sequence, it is important that the children evaluate their writing. Children in Year 1 should now discuss what they have written, seeing if they can read through their story. Year 1 should also begin to make changes to some errors with support or independently. 

This will be modelled on Class Dojo, so watch this space!