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Our writing purpose, for the coming weeks, is to write a letter in role to one of the other characters in the book to inform them of where their lost item is.

Can children access their Class Dojo account to listen to the story in full once again. 

Today we will focus on the illustration below (people receiving a note from Hermelin about the location of their belongings). Encourage your child to use hot-seating questioning and answering as a character from the book. Ask children suitable questions connected to each character. 

Where did the note say your belonging was?
How did you feel when you found the note?
Was it broken when you found it? If so, why?
Who do you think sent the note? 

Once your hot-seating is finished, your child can play the following matching game. 

Matching Game



Sentence accuracy: Children to correctly apply the character's name into a coherent sentence. Make sure they say before they write.


Today, children have to work hard to use correctly punctuated proper nouns and compound words. Look at the word:



The word is made up of two separate words - tea and pot. Discuss the meaning of each word separately, then the meaning when you put them together. Provide the children with the following words (cut up). Ask the children if they can match them up. 

Using a list of character names (proper nouns) and the compound words below. Can children write sentences about the lost items from the story? For example.

Bernardo Bosher lost his goldfish.

Hermelin used a typewriter.




Grammar and Punctuation in Context: Using conjunctions to Join Parts of Sentences.

This lesson is in two parts. Below you will find information about the first part of the lesson and the second part of the lesson is explained in Class Dojo.

1.Using the pdf document below, children practise saying sentences that contain different joining word (conjunction), then decide which fits best into the gap in each sentence.


Children Write: Sentence Accuracy 
Children to write the sentences in their books and think of one more containing one of the conjunctions. N.B. the conjunction 'and' is a year group focus. Ensure children 'say before they write'!



Vocabulary in context.


Consider the following words;

posh mischievous precious
menace treasured belongings


Discuss each word or phrase with your child and establish a definition.

Consider other words that mean the same (synonyms). 

Today, via Class Dojo, we will look closely at the example text. This is a WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like). This isn't designed to be learnt by heart or replicated. This is for finding out how writing works. This will help children when they are writing their own.

Children Write: Sentence Accuracy - Children are to choose three words (from the table above) to put into a correct sentence in their books. Before they do this, can they spot these words in the example text?


A sentence could look like this;

I hope you find your precious belongings.

Remember your capital letters, full stops and fingers spaces!



Check our Class Dojo page to watch a short video showing today's English activity.