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It would be great to start the day by joining in with Joe Wicks.



After and active first lesson, you should do a 20 minute phonics session. See link below.



Please check out our English lessons on Class Dojo under the portfolio section.



Underneath you will find a video link, a powerpoint and the required worksheet for the day. If you don't have a printer you can find the worksheet in the workbooks that were sent home. 



You are going to read the story and decide what Harold should say. 


Then the children will need the ‘Yes, No, I’ll Ask and I’ll Tell’ activity sheet

For each response ask the children to write and/or draw a situation in which they would say those words. 

  • When would it be best to say yes to someone? 
  • Why do we sometimes need to say no?
  • When do we sometimes need to ask for help or ask to check something?
  • When might we need to tell an adult or older person something?