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Your child's weekly book is on Active Learn website under the Big Club section. 


I have given your child some grammar games to play on Purple Mash.



There are some comprehensions below. It is differentiated so there are three different versions. Choose a version that you think is appropriate for your child.

Last week I asked the children to create their own Greek hero and a monster. This week they are going to plan and write a story about the two characters. Below are details that they will need to think about. Get them to write down their ideas.

1. Setting- Where is the story taking place? Which part of Greece? 

2. Characters- What other characters are they going to include? A King? A Damsel in distress?

3. Problem- What exactly is the problem? Why does is the hero needed? What terrible things is the monster doing?

4. Solution- How is this solved? How does the hero save the day?

5. Ending- Is the hero rewarded? Is everyone happy? 


Once they have thought about all these different things, they will need to decide what they are going to write about in each paragraph. It would be good if they followed the plan below because often they try and write about everything in one paragraph and it then lacks detail. 


Paragraph 1 - Describe the place where the terror takes place. Where is it? What does it look like? Who lives there?

Paragraph 2 - King or god sets the challenge. Why do they ask for the hero to defeat the monster? Does they warn the hero about the monsters special powers? This paragraph is a good place to practice speech marks. 

Paragraph 3 - Describe the hero's journey. How does he get there? Does he meet anyone? Do they help him or try and stop him? 

Paragraph 4 - Describe the battle.

Paragraph 5 -  Describe the ending. Is the hero rewarded when he tells the king/god about his victory? 


Once they have decided their structure, all they need to do is be their creative best and write their story. Remind them to use capital letter, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, speech marks, adjectives and adverbs. 

Below you can also find a booklet with a rainbow theme that the children can work through throughout the week.