St Mary's C .E School


Main Activity

Can you plan a 'Lost' narrative in 5 paragraphs ? 


Paragraph 1 Who are the girls and where were they going? How have they become lost? Where were they before? Why are they travelling?   Who are they looking for? Describe the girls. (Character descriptions) How did they get there? Why are they dressed like that?


Paragraph 2 Where are they now? Describe this woodland. (Personification) Is it enchanted? Does anyone live here? Who are the strange pair behind the tree? Are they going to help or do they have bad intentions?


Paragraph 3 What happens when the girls meet the two strangers (Direct Speech) Are the girls helped or do the strangers cause problems? Do they begin to panic? How frightened are they?


Paragraph 4 Do the strangers help them or do they have to run from the forest. Where do they go? Do the strangers take them? Are they looking for something or someone. Do they have any clues to follow? Where do they search? 


Paragraph 5 How does this story end? Is anyone rewarded? How do the characters feel ?