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Celebrating Differences


Activity 2 - It could happen to anyone!

Many of us have had moments in our lives when we’ve done something and felt really embarrassed. It can feel even worse if someone sees what happens. The way these other people react can really make a difference to how we feel at that time. These people are called ‘bystanders’. We are all ‘bystanders’ at some point. We have a choice to make the embarrassing moment better or worse for the person, just by choosing what we do or say.

Have a look at the sheet It could happen to anyone. 


You could copy the different cards onto pieces of scrap paper or print them.

Find someone at home to play with you. 

Take it in turns to read one of the embarrassing moment cards and say what might happen. Have a think about the things that could make that person feel worse (laugh at them) and the things that could make them feel better (help them). 

Remember! We all have embarrassing moments and we can try to laugh it off or we might get upset. It’s good to remember that these things happen to everyone.

We also have a choice about how we behave when we see someone else in one of those ‘Oh no!’ moments!