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Go over what we mean by special people – people who are important in our lives. (revisit from previous year’s activity ‘Who are our special people?’ if necessary).

The list can include family, friends, people at school and in different community groups - faith groups, out-of-school clubs etc.)

How can special people help us? Take suggestions from the class.

What can the children do to help the special people in their lives?  Take suggestions.

Where do our special people come from, which communities? [home, school, street, clubs, church, mosque etc.]

Once these points have been talked through, it should be easier for the children to write down who their special people are, why are they special and where they come from. Make some notes as you go along, on a whiteboard or flipchart.


Give the children a blank sheet of large (e.g. A3) paper on which to make a poster about themselves and their special people. The children will use the notes made in the introduction to help them with this.

Children can draw a picture of themselves in the middle or, if available, stick a photo of themselves in the middle. Their special people can be named and drawn. The reasons they are special and which part of the child’s life they come from can be written around the child. Photos of these special people can be brought in and added at a later date.

N.B. there may be some children who don’t feel that they have any special people in their lives. This needs to be identified early on at the note-making stage so the teacher/TA can make some suggestions such as helpful adults around school. The child will then have something they can put on their poster.