St Mary's C .E School

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State that we are all special. Ask the children what makes them special.

Make it clear that ‘special people’ refers to people who are important in the children’s life, including at home, school, clubs, church, mosque etc.

Ask the children who are the special people in their lives.

Next, give some time for reflection when the children think about what makes these special people special. Volunteers can then share this sentence stem: ‘.............. is special because ……’

Ask children how they can help their special people and take care of them, too. For example, help parents/carers with tidying up, carefully collect up all their kit at the end of a sports club.

Ask – do we always get on with our special people? 

With the children in pairs, they can tell each other how they felt when a special person made them feel happy/angry etc. 

They can then tell each other how their special people felt when they made them feel happy or angry. If they say that they do not know, they can say how they think it made them feel.


Using the materials available to them, each child makes a card to give to their special person. They can draw the person on the outside, show the qualities that make them special (the qualities can be drawn or written). As a suggestion the children can write inside ‘You are my special person because…’

When children have finished their cards they can give them to their special person at home or at school. Later in the week or in the next lesson ask the children to review and report back on their actions:

Who was their special person?

Why are they special?

What did they say when their special person received their card?

How did the card make their special person feel?

How did the children feel when they gave the card to their special person?

What are all the ways our special people help us?

What are all the ways we can help our special people?


As a circle activity each child in turn  repeats and adds to this sentence stem: ‘It is good to have special people because ……’