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Today start your PSHE session with some key questions about medicines and their use: 

  • What is a medicine? (Something which can be given to help make somebody feel better. NB: A medicine often only helps treat the symptoms of an illness, rather than the illness itself. The body is pretty good at recovering from most illnesses by itself!)
  • How do people take medicines? (tablets that are swallowed, liquids that are measured in a special spoon and swallowed, creams or ointments that are rubbed onto the skin. Less commonly inhaled - breathed in)
  • How would someone feel if they took too much medicine? (They could feel very poorly) 
  • How would someone feel if they took the wrong medicine? (Again they could feel very poorly)
  • Why do adults need to look after medicines? (To make sure they were kept in a safe place and taken properly)
  • Who would normally look after your medicine at home? (Parent/carer) 
  • Who would normally look after medicine if it was needed at school (A member of staff - maybe kept safely in the office)

Activity - What could Harold do?

 Now discuss these questions about being ill and getting better: 

  • What sort of illnesses have you had? 
  • How did you feel when you were ill? 
  • Did you need any medicine to make you feel better? 
  • What medicines have you heard of? 
  • How did the medicine get into your body [e.g. as a liquid, tablet, inhaler, injection etc.] 
  • Who gave you the medicine? 
  • Where did they get it from? 
  • Where did they put it to keep it safe? 
  • How did they know how much to give you? [It was on the prescription/on the medicine label] 
  • What else can we do to help us feel better when we’re ill? [e.g. stay in bed, stay warm, drink plenty of water/fluids, sleep etc.]