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Rooted in Faith... Nurtured in Love... Striving for Success... Growing as God's Children



Begin with the following key questions:

  • What needs do we all share?
  • Who is responsible for meeting our needs?
  • Does everyone in our class/on our table have the same needs?
  • Would rules help us to be responsible for other people’s needs?
  • Do we help with anyone’s needs at home?


Introduce a house plant (or you could an area for looking after - e.g. garden) with great ceremony and excitement. Explain that it needs us, as a responsible humans, to take care of it.

  • Make a list of what it needs to be properly looked after.
  • Make a list of jobs that will meet those needs.
  • How often do they need to be done? 
  • Whose responsibility is it? [Everyone’s]
  • Next, draw up a rota of children to carry out the jobs.

Assign a ‘monitor’ role to your child. This monitor should check every day that the roles have been carried out.


You can then reward your child with a certificate.