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Activity - Harold’s Money

Read the story ‘Harold’s Money’ to the children. You might like to ask the questions in italics as you go through the story if you feel that they are appropriate to your children.

Follow up the story with some review questions:

  • How much money did Harold have in his money box to start with? [£1.50]
  • How much did the book cost that he wanted? [£10.00]
  • Where did Harold get the rest of the money from? [Derek owed him a pound, birthday money and from doing jobs for his mum]
  • Why do you think Harold decided to get the book from the library instead?
  • Why do you think Harold decided to buy his mum some flowers?
  • How do you think Harold felt when he bought his mum some flowers?
  • Why did Harold’s mum say she couldn’t afford to buy anything until the end of the month?
  • Where will she get her money from at the end of the month?
  • What are bills?
  • What sort of things do you think the bills were for?
  • What do we spend money on?

Following on from the story ask the children to list some of the things that their family spend money on. Just accept answers at this stage without any comment or judgment.

Give the children a large sheet of paper (children can work individually or in pairs on this task as you feel appropriate). In the centre they can draw their family that they live with at home. Around the family they can draw or write all the things they can think of that their family spend money on.