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People of Faith.

Here are some other people of faith to learn about. By now you should be doing your own research and choose a person of faith that you would like to study and write a biography for.


Think about their life, what they accomplished and how their faith was central to all they did.

Plan your biography under the following headings:

1. Birth

2. Early life- childhood/ education

3. Faith and beliefs

4. Events in life- what did they do

5. Why do we remember them

6. Death or what are they doing now if still alive.


Plan and write a biography for this person. Include pictures and make it into a book if you like. It can be handwritten or typed but don't just print off lots of pages from the internet.

You will have 5 minutes to present your biography to the class and then 2 minutes to answer class questions. 


Enjoy finding out about your person of faith!