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Lesson in class will be on ClassDojo on Wednesday and work put on here too.

This week we are continuing with our new unit on the Exodus. We have looked at the life of Moses and the freeing of his people from Egyptian slavery across the Red Sea.

We are exploring  the question-

Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?


Top Tip!! Have you ever seen the film 'The Prince of Egypt'. It is amazing and tells the story of the Exodus really well. Well worth a watch! Below is a link to the parting of the Red Sea scene!

Now you know about Moses, this week's lesson is your thoughts about him. 

What interests you or puzzles you about Moses.



If you could meet him now and ask him questions about his life and about the Exodus of his people to FREEDOM, what would you ask him?


Write down 6 questions you would ask. Think carefully and make your questions thoughtful and personal to him. Here is what I would ask:

 'What was going through your mind when you stood at the edge of the Red Sea with the Egyptians behind and your people waiting, how did you know God would be with you?'


Draw a picture of Moses in the middle of your page and write your questions around him