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Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?


We now know quite a bit about Moses and the Exodus of his people to freedom from slavery.Every year Jewish people remember  and celebrate this event in history. It is called  PASSOVER to remember the time when God passed over their doors saving his people from death and led them to their promised land of freedom. They share a meal called Seder.




Let's learn about Passover. What it is and how it is celebrated.


Click on the What is Passover link and it is interactive. You can click in the Seder meal and learn about each food.

Read the fact file and watch the video too.

Look at the picture of the Seder Plate. It is basically a plate full of memories. Go through each item of food and see how it relates to the Exodus Story.


Then draw your Seder plate and label each food with what it is and what it mean or symbolises.  

The Seder Plate

Draw your own Seder plate and write what each food means or symbolises.