St Mary's C .E School




 So we have come to the last lesson in this study.


We have thought about the concept of Freedom

We have learnt about Moses 

We have learnt about the Exodus

We have learnt about Passover.



Answer these two questions and take a photo!


1. Why is the Exodus such a significant event in Jewish and Christian history?

Put everything you know together to answer the question we started with.

Write your answer in a paragraph of at least 8 lines long and uses evidence from what you have learnt. 


2. What qualities do you think to be the most important for a great leader to have and why?

Again  think carefully about this question and write a detailed answer in another paragraph of a least 8 lines long.


3. If you can take a photograph of something that symbolises Freedom to you (NO PEOPLE OR FACES). Print it out or send it straight on DoJo witha n explanation of why you chose this image.

Here is my 'Freedom Photo'

This says freedom to me! Nice clear space to run, no end, just run!