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Let's continue exploring our question:

Why Do Christians Celebrate the Eucharist?


Last week we learnt about the Last Supper and that it was Jesus's last meal with his disciples- it was actually a Passover meal too. So it was important for Jesus to remember the past and The freeing of Moses and God's people many years before Jesus came. 

The Last supper is a meal that Jesus wants us to remember just like he remembered Passover. Why? Well this last supper was the last meal he had before dying.

Why did he die... Christians believe Jesus died to FREE US ALL ( not just Jewish people this time round!) from our sins and offer a way to God and to Heaven.


Jesus's death was about so much more than the Passover- in fact the Passover points to Jesus and was an early sign of God's ultimate freedom through Jesus, which is Salvation for all people.


Jesus asked his disciples to remember him by having this kind of meal regularly together- breaking bread and drinking wine and from this the Eucharist service developed in churches.It is at the centre of Christian worship. 


Let's look at what the Eucharist or often called Holy Communion, symbolises and means for us today.


Watch the video and read the fact file too. Then your challenge is to  create your own modern Eucharist service! Remember what Jesus has asked of us you need to include that.


1.What would you do to remember Jesus's meal

2. What would you keep, what would you change? 

3. Would you need an alter or a table or something else?

4. Include an illustration to help you explain your service.