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Rooted in Faith... Nurtured in Love... Striving for Success... Growing as God's Children


Reflect on all the stories we have learnt so far in RE that tell us how special Jesus is and ask the questions.


What do these miracles teach us about Jesus?

How do they show us he was special?

How do these stories show Jesus was the Son of God?


Make a brief connection between these miracle stories and Christian beliefs. Christians believe that Jesus has the power to calm the storms in our lives today and that he will provide during times that feel hopeless. Prayers are answered. 

Children can reflect on these stories and during a comparison to their own lives can think of times when they believe Jesus can calm their own storms. Children can write a little prayer or ask Jesus for help to fix a problem they have.

Children can watch the video below to help remember one of the important miracles. 

Jesus Feeds the 5,000

Animated Bible story for kids based on John 6:5-13.