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Rooted in Faith... Nurtured in Love... Striving for Success... Growing as God's Children


Read the Easter story from either a Children's Bible or from the powerpoint provided below.

You can record the story individually using a picture sequencing activity.


How can this story be compared to the new life of spring time?

Make links between the new life cycles and the resurrection. However, do stress that Jesus was a man and people do not come back to life. It is only because Jesus is God that he rose again.


Good Friday –Jesus died and his friends put him in a tomb.

(The chrysalis or seed deep in the ground)  

How did his friends feel? 

Easter Sunday – He is Risen!  Jesus has new life. 

(The butterfly or beautiful flower)  

How do his friends feel now?

Draw the faces of the disciples.

Record individually the disciples’ feelings with sentences from the story.