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For R.E. One of the themes this term was prayer.



It's hard to ask for the things that we want. Sometimes what we want feels to big, too impossible, sometimes too small, too unimportant, even silly. Sometimes, it's hard to ask for things that we want because we feel that we don't deserve to be heard.

People who pray sometimes find it hard to ask for what they want for these same reasons.


Christians believe that no prayer is too big nor too small. God hears and receives them all. 


Spend some time thinking about your hopes and wishes. 

Find some glass beads, counters, buttons or similar. Pick up a single glass bead and imagine that this represents your hope or wish, the thing that you want, and then to place it into a  bowl as a way of asking 'please?'




Can you write a prayer prayer to say thank you? Pray for someone? Ask for forgiveness? To say sorry?

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Lord’s Prayer activities

Colour The Lord’s Prayer and put it on your wall.
Unscramble the letters to find the words.