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Read to Write - Week 2nd - 6th November

Over the next few weeks for our literacy unit we will be exploring ‘Star in a Jar’ by Sam Hay. This week we have been exploring and talking about ‘treasures’ from the story and have thought of adjectives to describe the objects. 


  • a glass jar
  • a star 
  • a feather
  • a pebble 
  • a shell 
  • a bottle top 
  • and a ring pull 


We have looked at some of the illustrations from the story and have talked about what we can see and what we think may be happening. We have even been on a treasure hunt to find our own treasure to display on our window sill in class, just like the little boy in the story. 


We have also explored the following vocabulary from the text and talked about the meaning of these words


  • treasure 
  • glittery 
  • loved
  • special 
  • tickly 
  • shinier