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Our reading books are specifically chosen for your child linked to the sounds they have covered that particular week in class. This gives the children the opportunity to practise these sounds within words at home. Please refer to the phonics tab within ‘Spring 2’ to see which sounds your child has covered in their phonics group. If you are unsure which phonics group your child is in, please look at the list within the phonics tab or speak with either Mrs Challoner or myself. 

You can read the books as many times as you like as they will save to the ‘Books I’ve read’ tab once you’ve finished. You can even go back to reread past favourites as this is an excellent way to practise previously taught sounds. Please ensure that you click on ‘finished’ when your child has read a book, so that it goes from the ‘My Books’ tab. I will then be able to see when your child has finished their books, and allocate the next set. You should also complete the short comprehension quiz at the end to collect your stars. Everyone should be aiming to read all three books within a week. It is also important to that you comment or sign in your child’s reading diary after they have read a book. If you are unsure about anything regarding ‘Reading Planet’ please do not hesitate to speak with either Mrs Challoner or myself for assistance.