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Welcome to The Year 6 Page!

Summer Term     Week Beginning 06.07.20 
Other Lessons this week...
Summer Term     Week Beginning 29.06.20 
Other Lessons this week...
Summer Term     Week Beginning 22.06.20 

Brand new novel starting today!!

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Summer Term    Week Beginning 15.06.20  
Summer Term  Week 6    Week Beg. 08.06.20  

Take a look at Alicia's amazing presentation on Scandinavia! Lots to learn from it. Well done Alicia.

More fantastic Wonder Portraits! Well done Alicia and Eva!

More fantastic Wonder Portraits! Well done Alicia and Eva! 1
More fantastic Wonder Portraits! Well done Alicia and Eva! 2

And another!

And another! 1

Great Lesson from Oak National Academy

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Amazing Optical Illusion pictures from Y6 last week. Follow the lesson in the video above and make one of your own!

Summer Term  Week 5    Week Beg. 18.05.20  

Another lovely Wonder Portrait! Well done.

Another lovely Wonder Portrait! Well done. 1
Well done to Ava C. First Portrait and Precepts! Excellent effort. Keep sending them in when you've completed them.wink
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Design a Game!

Summer Term  Week 4    Week Beg. 11.05.20  (SATs Week!!!)


Summer Term  Week 3    Week Beg. 04.05.20


VE Day!

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Hi Y6 - How are you all?

It's been amazing receiving all the pictures and work that you have been doing.Well done everyone. I think there will have to be a prize for the Scandinavian Projects. The ones I've had so far, are excellent. So keep sending and no rush! 

If you have access to a laptop, computer, ipad or phone, have a look at  Kahoot!   It's a great way to set some fun challenges for you. If you get familiar with it., I will send some quizzes out in the next few weeks,on various topics we all know about including  Wonder.


There are some work suggestions below for this week to keep you going and Friday also marks the 75th celebration of VE day after WW2. We all had such a good time studying the war before Easter; it would be great to celebrate a truly historic moment in our nation's history and remember the men and women who helped to keep us free.


How will you mark this occasion? Bake cup cakes, decorate your room, have an indoor street party or one in your back yard or garden !? Whatever you do, send me the pictures and I'll put them up on here and on our school Twitter page. 


As always, most importantly, please look after yourselves and each other.  It's nice to hear from you and to know you and your families are well and safe.

God bless 

Mrs Walsh

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How are you getting on with Wonder?

Well done to those of you who ave been doing the student pack. Keep going!

 Well this week's task, if you'd like to do it, is form the chapter called 'Choose Kind.' 

In this chapter Mr Browne talks about PRECEPTS and introduces the children to  them.


VIPERS   Task!


V  The first line of the chapter says, 'There was a lot of shuffling...' What other words could you use instead of shuffling to explain the movement in the sentence. Don't change the meaning! 


I  Stay on the first page of the chapter. How do you think Auggie knew his teacher had finally noticed him in the room?


P  S  Read the opening line of the next chapter 'Lunch' If you haven't read it yet.What do you think will happen at lunch for it to be harder than Auggie thought.

When you have read it, summarise Auggie's experience at lunch in 10 words.


E Explain what you think of Mr Browne's September Precept? Do you agree this is always true? Why, why not?


R On the line question- What is a precept?


I'd love you to email your responses to the Explain task to me!

Keep reading!

Summer Term Week 2   Week beg. 27.04.20

Wonder A

Introduction to the book!

Summer Term Week 1    Week beg.  20.04.20

Rosie...our pet!

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Dear Y6 

How are you all? Hope you're keeping in touch with each other. I am missing telling you to be quiet and listen, I am missing counting on minutes for talking in lessons, I am missing your moans and groans when I produce yet another SATs paper.wink

 BUT...Most of all I am missing you and your smiling faces and I hope most of all that you are safe and well and your families too. It must feel strange working so hard for SATs and then not having to do them. It's good in a way but I know some of you may be worrying about all that work and what will happen next year and what you should be doing now. Well two things to say to you.

Firstly do not worry about what you're doing now. Keeping well and safe is most important and keeping your mind active is important too. So maybe read, do bits and pieces from the online learning section here, or other stuff you may find online. Enjoy being with your family and most of all look after each other and it does not matter how much or little you do. I'll  suggest a few other things further down too.

Secondly, NONE of the work you have done this year will be wasted. It has prepared you so well for Y7-an exciting time ahead to look forward to. I am so proud of every single one of you and all you have achieved this year. EVERYONE has made amazing progress and I know you will 'walk' Y7 next year!


So some suggestions:

1. I will hopefully put some videos on this page if you want to watch!! After finishing our amazing novel 'Letters from the Lighthouse', our next class novel would have been 'Wonder' by RJ Palacio. It's an incredible book, so let's do it online together. If you have a copy, great! Don't worry if you haven't because you can access the full text online free at archive.org. and a helpful audio version on YouTube. Links are at the bottom of this message.

Try to read the first two chapters to begin with!


2. We would also have been doing a topic on an area of the world. I had chosen Scandinavia. We would have looked at climate, population,culture  (including fashion and food) and landscape. Why don't you research this area or another one you don't know much about and produce a Powerpoint that you can e-mail to me at school email. I will love reading them, may even be a prize for the most creative and informative.


3. Do some art with whatever you fancy or have at home. A self-portrait or a portrait of a member of your family. Get them to sit for you. I would love to see them, take pictures and e-mail. Have fun whatever you do!


4. Mrs Driscoll is going to kindly send you some transition booklets by post to help you think about Y7. Try doing some of those pages. I will talk to you about transition more on the videos if they work!!!

Email anything for the attention of Mrs Walsh


Above all, keep trusting in God to guide and stay safe, caring for each other. Don;t worry and let's look forward to meeting up soon.

Mrs Walsh