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Welcome to The Year 6 Page!

Hi Y6. A massive well done for settling into a new class and a new way of working so well. 

It's so lovely to see you playing on the yard, enjoying good conversations and trying your best in class. On this Y6 page, you will find a lot of the work we are doing in the classroom. However you may be needing to stay at home some days until it is safe for you to return to school. If this does happen- don't worry. If you are well, use the page as a classroom at home (virtual classroom!)

You'll see some videos from me. Watch them and then do some of the work that follows.

Do what you can and don't worry about anything other than doing your best- you might even enjoy some of it!!


We'll all get through this together.

Mrs Walsh

Week Beginning 30.11.20
English Reading and Writing
Grammar and Spelling

Y6 Word List

White Rose Maths
Other Subjects this week!
Week Beginning 23.11.20
English Reading and Writing
Grammar and Spelling
White Rose Maths
Other Subjects this week!
Week Beginning 16.11.20

English Reading and Writing

Grammar and Spelling
White Rose Maths
Other Subjects this week!
Week Beginning 09.11.20

English Reading and Writing


Brand New Novel! 'SECRETS OF A SUN KING' by Emma Carroll

Reading comprehension and writing task.

Grammar and Spelling
Other Subjects this week!

Week Beginning 02.11.20


Don't forget to look at science, history and art near the bottom of this page too!

English Reading
English Novel Study

We have finished Room 13! I know lots of you enjoyed it and it was great to hear you clap at the end!


 A brand new novel is coming soon. Before we begin it though, let's review Room 13.


1. Did the novel end the way you expected, why or why not?

2. Who was your favourite character. Explain your choice.

3. Precis (summarise) the entire story in just 150 words. Try not to miss important details

or events out.

Grammar and Spelling
White Rose Maths

Design task!

Week Beginning 19.10.20
English Writing 

The Diary of Anne Frank

Grammar and Spelling


1.Use the spelling word list and revise A to C words. Use different strategies to help you. Mnemonics; Look, say, cover,write, check; Split into phonemes and syllables.


2. Make sure you know the meaning of all the words you are learning- put them into a sentence and use a dictionary to help.

White Rose Maths
Week Beginning 05.10.20
'Room 13' Novel Study!

Room 13 chapter 10

Grammar and Spelling
Use the spelling word list and write a mnemonic for 5 words beginning with 'A'.
White Rose Maths
Recap- Multiplying by 4 digits
Recap- Multiply 2 digits
Recap-Multiply 2 digits by 2 digits
Recap Multiply 3-digits by 2-digits
Multiply up to a 4-digit number by a 2-digit number
Week Beginning 28.09.20
'Room 13' Novel Study!
White Rose Maths
Four Operations - Addition
Four Operations- Subtraction
Using the Inverse Operation
Solving multi-step problems
Addition and Subtraction
Week Beginning 21.09.20
'Room 13' Novel Study!

Room 13 Ch1

This is "Room 13 Ch1

Room13 ch 2

This is "Room13 ch 2

White Rose Maths
Week beginning 21.9.20
Compare and Order numbers
Rounding numbers
Negative Numbers
Week Beginning 14.09.20
'Read to Write' English activities coming soon
While we await advice and support from the Literacy Counts team regarding our 'Read to Write' online provision please contact school for home learning activities if your child will be absent from school for a sustained period of time.
Science- Light
Art - The Pre-Raphaelites and their secret society!
History-Discover the Mysteries of the Mayans!
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