St Mary's C .E School

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Italian Visitors

Today Year 6 hosted 26 Italian students and their 11 teachers. They have been pen-pals since last year so it was lovely for them to meet in person. Our visitors are from the Dom Milani School in a town called Moderna just outside of Milan. 


Our visitors have spent the week seeing the sights of our city. They have also visited Alsop as the whole trip was arranged by Mr Peter Bull, one of our school Governors, as part of an initiative called 'For the Common Good'. 


During their visit to our school, they have taken part in activities including music, art and P.E. (they won the football 3-2 but we won the cricket!). They had a visit to church and a tour of the school when every class got to meet them. After a lovely lunch, their day ended with them joining in our Celebration Assembly. Gifts were exchanged and they made beautiful recipe books in both languages. Every child contributed to the book and each recipe is a traditional recipe from their family. 


We wish them a safe journey home tonight.