St Mary's C .E School

Walking in the light of God’s Love-Together we will succeed

Y5/Y6 Residential 2018

Dear Y5/Y6 Parents,


Good Morning Thursday!


A brand new day has begun. The sky is blue and the sun is shining - how amazing is that! After a lovely cooked breakfast of: sausages, bacon, hash browns, beans, tomatoes, yoghurt and fruit … we cleared the drying room and walked to the activity stations. Group 8 and 9 are Orienteering, Group 10 are on the Military Obstacle Course, Group 11 Zip Line and Group 12 Blind Trail. Next we are back on the Lake (which hopefully is warming nicely!).


I’m trying to upload some of the photographs – I hope you enjoy what you see! The children are having a fantastic time and last night slept like logs!

Team SMWD-Lockerbie18


NOTE: There is no WIFI readily available on the site. We are taking photographs that we will try to upload. Anything we do upload we have to ‘piggyback’ using a network we can find’. I hope you understand why we cannot upload the 100s of photos we have taken but will try our best. We will upload them once we can make a connection.