St Mary's C .E School

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Cross Country

Cross Country has started with real gusto once again at St Mary's.  We have around 30 keen runners who have committed to training as part of our Squad.  Currently we are training with Y5 and Y6 pupils, but this will be extended within the next few weeks.




  • Monday lunchtime:  School site.  4 laps around our carefully planned School course.  Children can build up to running the 4 laps, which is the equivalent of 1500m (the official Primary School distance).


  • Wednesday:  'St Mary's in the Park'.  When the weather is with us, we have designed the perfect 1500m course for the children to practice in more realistic 'Cross Country terrain'.


If race dates are approaching, we may use the Park more often to build stamina. Parents will be sent a text when we intend to use the Park during the morning so they are aware of our movements.


Miss Wilson and Mr Hargreaves are so pleased with the enthusiasm the children have shown so far.  We are excited about the further of running at St Mary's!

Being part of the Cross Country Squad is where children can progress and become highly-tuned athletes.  During the Autumn and Spring Terms there are competitions organised by Liverpool Primary School Athletics and Cross Country Association (LPSAACC), where we are invited to field 8 girls and 8 boys.  We will try to give as many children as possible from our squad the opportunity to race at an event.  Some children just want to be part of the squad and do not want to compete ... this is absolutely fine as well.


Our first competitive race is on: Thursday 18th September 2014, 4.10pm at Wavertree.