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Boss of the North

Boss of the North is back for 2016!

The White Rose Maths Hub, in partnership with Mangahigh, have invited us to join their Boss of the North maths competition running 11 - 19 July.  

This week long event will see primary and secondary schools from across the North of England go head to head in order to be crowned the 'Boss of the North' and win some great prizes.

Children will play online maths games to score points and win prizes. The hope is to highlight how maths can be fun, and this competition is a great way to do that. Some key points about the competition include:

The competition will start at 10am on 11th July and run until 1pm on 19th July. On 11th July, you'll find a brand new competition leaderboard on your account, which will just count points earned during this period.

Children earn points by completing activities on Mangahigh. Earning a bronze medal is worth 1 point, a silver is worth 2 and a gold medal is worth 3 points. Children can earn one medal per activity. So for example, if they pass an activity to bronze medal standard they will win 1 bronze medal and 1 point. If they replay that activity and upgrade their medal to gold, they will exchange their previously earned bronze medal for a gold medal and will get 2 extra points. They now have the maximum 3 points available for that task, and there are no more points to be had by replaying it - it's time to move on to something new.

The aim of the game for your students is to earn 150+ points during the competition to win a real medal. On the 11th, they will see a new counter on their profile pages which will show them how close they are to this goal.

Children who wish to take part should use the login details provided. 

The link for the website is on the Children's section of this website.