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URGENT School Drains - Closure update

Thank you for your rapid response to the message earlier.  We have just had confirmation (3.40pm) that the drain, as suspected, has collapsed.  This means we are unable to open and are therefore closed until after half term.  We return to School on Tuesday 3rd November 2015 at 8.50am.


We have rung three venues attempting to keep the Disco but they are unable to host us.  The PTFA will publish the new date for which will be as soon as possible after half term.


Thank you once again for your positivity in what has been a very challenging week at St Mary's.  I've added two pictures ... I do have more but you really would not want to see them (especially if you have smellivision!).


Mr Hargreaves


Due to extreme circumstances we are forced to close school today at 1pm.  We have been battling with an issue regarding our drains all morning but the position has now become unmanageable.  We have a potential collapsed drain which means sewage will not be able to flow from school.  This means we do not have enough toilets available for the children to use.  The company have been working since 7am to remedy the issue but now believe a 'collapse' is the next potential cause.



Parents Evening will be cancelled as we are unsure how long this issue will take to be solved.  I will update parents AS SOON as I have further details.  Once the children are off site the drains can be explored fully and without further risk to health and safety.


We are doing all we can to keep School open - but expect that School will be closed until after half term.  I will confirm this by 4.30pm this afternoon.  Please keep an eye on the app and this website.


Mr Hargreaves