St Mary's C .E School

Walking in the light of God’s Love-Together we will succeed

Who was the mystery hero?

Reverend John visited us today with a story of a mystery hero. The hero was a friend and advisor to King Darius. Our hero prayed to God three times a day but the King's other advisors, the satraps, were jealous and convinced the King to pass a law that everyone could only pray to him. They then had our hero locked up for praying to God. - do you know who it is yet? 

Our hero was then thrown in to a den of lions to die. King Darius was his friend so he prayed to God to help his friend. That night, an angel appeared and prevented the lions from eating our hero. The satraps were then thrown in instead. 

Did you guess who it was? Our hero was Daniel! This story tells us about courage and trust. Daniel showed great courage and trusted that God would keep him safe.