St Mary's C .E School

Walking in the light of God’s Love-Together we will succeed

Year 5 / Year 6 Residential

Dear Y5/Y6 Parents,


Greetings from a very wet Lockerbie! Tonight the rain met us but it hasn’t spoilt our fun! It is the first rain we have had so we have been really fortunate.


We arrived after a fantastic journey and on arrival were led to our Pod Village. The Pods are amazing – little wooden huts that are warm and comfy. We are all in different groups with a teacher from St Mary’s leading each one. We have completed: team games, scavenging, Hill Walk, archery, fencing and volleyball (but not every group yet). Tomorrow we begin the water activities.


The meals are excellent – lots to eat and yummy too!


The Manor House is very famous in the local area and our Pod Village is within its grounds. On our Hill Wall today, we met some rather interested cows, not to mention lots of sheep and hills that could have been mountains.


The medicine round is almost complete for tonight and we are now getting ready for bed. After a very busy day – we are all looking forward to a ‘Pod’ sleep.


NOTE: There is no WIFI readily available on the site. We are taking lots of photographs that we will try to upload. Anything we do upload we have to ‘piggyback’ using a network we can 'find’. I hope you understand why we cannot upload the 100s of photos we have taken. We will upload them once we can make a connection.  I hope you like the group photo from this afternoon.


Team Lockerbie 18