St Mary's C .E School

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We use Spelling Shed as our school scheme to help us learn spellings each week. It has lots of fun tasks and quizzes too. Children will usually be given spellings to learn each week for a test or a quiz the following week. the words will either be from the spellings being taught that week or the Y5 and 6 word list that is also attached to this page. Sometimes children may be given a spelling quiz of words linked to topics they are studying, for example in History or Geography.


Tips for Learning spellings 

We encourage children to use a range of spelling strategies to help them learn to spell. The more strategies they know the better they will become at spelling new and unfamiliar words. Writing words down and finding the definition; breaking words up into syllables and finding patterns (words within words etc.) or rhymes to help spell a word (mnemonic) will always be more successful strategies to use when learning spellings rather than simply looking and saying the word.


Year 5 and 6 Word List