St Mary's C .E School

Walking in the light of God’s Love-Together we will succeed


For phonics this week we are looking at homophones. I would like you to take a look at the spelling list below that needs to be learnt. I have also provided the a link for some homophone games. 

For Maths I have attached a powerpoint, a video and a worksheet. 

For Literacy I would like you to plan a persuasive letter to write to Jack from our book Jack and the Baked Beanstalk. You will need to plan for 5 paragraphs which will include an introduction, 3 paragraphs that explain your reasons and 1 paragraph that will summarise your argument. Remember that you are trying to persuade Jack to either stay at the bottom of the beanstalk or go up the beanstalk. I have attached a planning sheet below to help you with this task. 

For History I would like you to read the powerpoint below about the Iron Age and then fill in the research sheet. Try and find as much information about the Iron Age as possible.