St Mary's C .E School

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World Book Day Bonus

A huge thank you to Kate at Blackwells Liverpool for helping us to source ten out of the twelve titles for World Book Day. So as not to disappoint children who had asked for the other two titles, Mr Moran, Mrs Armstrong and myself spent the lunchtime scouting supermarkets  from West Derby to Walton, 

Fortunately, we managed to scrape enough copies together! After the hectic search, I messaged Abi Elphinstone to congratulate her on such a successful book and tell her of our scramble for the book. She has very kindly sent a message of encouragement and a signed bookplate and sticker for every child who ordered a copy of her book, Everdark. The children were rightly thrilled about receiving these today. 

From our voucher allocation, we had 22 vouchers spare so Blackwells will be choosing 22 of the books and taking them to Zoe’s Place as a donation from us.